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Copyright - Please read!

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Copyright - Please read!

Post by Dillan on Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:25 pm

What is Copyright?
Copyright prevents copying or exploitation of a work without permission. All original work including music, images, videos, digital documents, photographs, graphic arrangement in a published work, etc., are works that give the owner exclusive rights.

How to prevent my work from being copied or exploited without permission?
Always will have any people who wants to steal your art. To protect it, there is not much to do, but may decrease such situations. You can add a watermark on your artwork or this symbol in your literary works: ©

What I do if my work was stolen?
If your work was stolen in another sites, our team will not be held responsible for it. But if it was stolen in Dj SheepWolf Forums, please contact us as fast as possible! You should report to us the thief username, the stolen work and a proof. Art theft is a crime, and must be reported!.

What is a art theft?
Please read this topic for this information:

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